How to Safely Handle Magnetic Hyperthermia Equipment

When operating magnetic hyperthermia equipment, it is important to follow proper operating procedures and practices. Even professionals can get surprised when working with vacuum-furnished hyperthermia machines, which are capable of generating temperatures exceeding 200°F (or 92°C). This article explains the most critical precautions for safely handling magnetic hyperthermia equipment.

What is Magnetic Hyperthermia?

Magnetic hyperthermia (MHT) is a unique form of medical radiation used to treat various diseases, including cancer. It involves implanting a magnet into a patient’s body, and heating the magnetized tissue with a high-intensity alternating current (AAC) machine. A specialized machine called an MRI is used to produce a high-resolution image of the patient’s body. This type of cancer therapy is sometimes called “body-wide magnet therapy” or “magnetic field therapy.” MRIs contain powerful magnets that can easily penetrate the skin and tissues, especially in the arthritic areas of the body. MRI’s can also be used to diagnose cancer, since the technology can determine exactly where the cancer is located in the body.

General Rules for Operating Magnetic Hyperthermia Equipment

When using magnetic hyperthermia equipment, you must follow these general rules. Never place your hand near the patient’s head, eyes, or mouth. Don’t place your hand close to the machine itself, since it could pick up the magnetic fields and transfer them to your body. And don’t put your hand in any crevices or other areas where magnetic fields are concentrated. When using an MRI, keep your hand as far back from the magnets as possible. If you must touch a magnet, hold your hand about two inches from the object and keep your other hand out of the way.

Magnetic Hyperthermia Equipment

The best option for operating magnetic hyperthermia equipment is an equippedMRI. The machine’s powerful magnets can easily penetrate the skin and tissues, especially in the arthritic areas of the body. The use of an MRI is highly recommended for safe and secure operation of the equipment.

Use only designated magnetic hyperthermia equipment

All magnetic hyperthermia equipment should be properly marked with the specific device’s model number and vendor. This device-specific marking should be affixed to the machine itself, not on the skin-colored fitting being used to immobilize the patient. In addition, placards should be displayed prominently in the patient’s room, next to the machine. These rules help ensure the equipment is properly used.


The potential for serious harm from exposure to high levels of electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) is recognized worldwide. A large number of studies have been conducted to examine the health effects of EMFs and to devise safety guidelines in order to protect the public from potential health risks. The results of these studies show that exposure to high levels of EMFs can lead to health risks, including potential risks related to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and immune system disorders.

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